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Video: Mastering menopause at work and home

Research shows that menopause is at the centre of an increasing number of employment tribunals as this issue moves up the HR agenda.

Huge numbers of employees will experience negative impacts of the menopause during their working lives and it remains an issue that many employees find difficult, and often uncomfortable, to deal with.

Ward Hadaway is hosting a series of events exploring the impact of the menopause in the workplace and what very practical things organisations can do to provide relevant support. In the first of these sessions we spoke to Dr Joanne Hobson, specialist in menopause and hugely experienced in providing education and advice on this topic.

Dr Hobson talks us through the impact of the menopause on individuals and explores what business can do to support, breaking down the issues in an informative and engaging way to assist employers to avoid workplace conflict.

Dr Joanne Hobson has been involved and interested in women’s sexual health and psychosexual medicine for the past 25 years and has worked for both the NHS and a number of private practices. She is a BMS accredited menopause specialist and trainer and has run a menopause clinic with a colleague for the last 15 years. Although she is now retired as a partner in general practice, she still undertakes locum surgeries in primary care and regularly gives talks and provides training on the subject of the menopause.

Watch below