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Video: Agile working – the legal impact of managing a post-pandemic workforce

One of the outcomes of the pandemic is the effect it could have on the workplace of the future.

As part of a series of events looking at this, Ward Hadaway ran a free webinar for senior managers and people teams exploring the legal impact of what it means for employers – “Agile working – the legal impact of managing a post-pandemic workforce”.

Employment experts Paul Scope, Gillian Chinhengo and Claire Hutchinson look specifically at the legal implications of managing an agile workforce, covering questions such as:

  • How do you maintain an appropriate culture?
  • What can you do with regard to monitoring your workforce?
  • What are your responsibilities when it comes to looking after the physical and mental health of employees?
  • How flexible can you be without creating precedent?
  • How do you manage underperformance?
  • How to ensure a level playing field without losing the benefits of agile working patterns?
  • What compliance issues do you have?
  • Is there a legal right to work from home?
  • How should I deal with employees who raise health and safety concerns about coming into work?
  • How do I manage a fair response to the wide range of flexible working requests?
  • Should I phase a return to work to mitigate impending child care issues, given that the return to work coincides with the summer holidays?

Watch here

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