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Video: Working towards an inclusive workplace – Newcastle City Council

The second in our series of webinars exploring how to create an inclusive workplace featured Newcastle City Council.

Employment partner Gillian Chinhengo talks to Louise Crosby, Peter Scott and Pam Perry from Newcastle City Council, an organisation who are currently Stonewall’s number 1 LGBT+ inclusive employer.

We explore with Louise, Peter and Pam what inspired the council to start on this journey. We look at the some of the initiatives introduced along with the way, and the impact these had. We explore whether these were met with any resistance, and how this was dealt with. We discuss whether there were any particular leaps forward, or indeed steps backwards. We look at examples of good practice in LGBT+ inclusion and how they are relevant/overlap with other areas where the council are promoting inclusivity. Finally, we explore what the future looks like.

Due to some sound issues during the webinar, Gillian spoke with Pam Perry again after the event and it has been added to the end of the recording, that section starts at 33.37.