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Video: Working towards an inclusive workplace – Home Group

As the recent Work Report from Stonewall highlighted, discrimination of LGBT+ employees remains a current and pressing issue in the workplace, with 20% of respondents suffering harassment or discrimination. So how can an employer respond?

In this 45 minute video, Gillian Chinhengo talks to Jaya Sample, HR Manager, and Ronika Cunningham, Engagement Manager, both from Home Group, an organisation widely regarded as at the forefront of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

We explore with Jaya and Ronika what inspired Home Group to start on this journey. We look at some of the initiatives introduced along the way, and the impact these had. We explore whether these were met with any resistance, and how this was dealt with. We discuss whether there were any particular leaps forward, or indeed steps backwards. And we explore what the future looks like, and how an organisation like Home Group can remain at the vanguard of inclusive employers.

You can watch the video below.