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Video: Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment guidance

Caroline Shafar, partner and specialist in healthcare employment law, addresses some FAQs in this video explainer on the guidance for Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment.

In recognition of the extraordinary challenge facing our healthcare clients and contacts, our healthcare employment team are offering a completely FREE telephone advice line for any queries about implementing the mandatory vaccine requirements and reduced fixed fees for any dismissal cases. If you need any help, just drop Caroline Shafar or Stuart Craig an email with your contact details and a brief description of the issue and they, or one of the team, will call you back.

Watch here

You can find a summary of the key points here and the timings for each section below.

01:21 What are the key dates?

02:33 Which organisations have to comply?

03:21 What are regulated activities?

04:49 Who is / is not in scope?

06:22 Scenarios and what if you’re not sure whether a role is in scope?

10:58 How to obtain information on vaccination status

12:08 How does this comply with data protection law?

14:41 If after consultation, employees remain unvaccinated and refuse to be vaccinated what can you do?

15:51 What would be the reason by dismissal?

16:41 What would a fair process look like?

21:04 What do we need to do around redeployment? Documentation/ transparency/ consistency

26:32 Agencies and Independent Contractors who supply staff to the NHS to do regulated activities