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Video: The office, reimagined for a post-Covid world

What will the office of the future look like? And more importantly how can it's look and layout have a positive impact on the health & wellbeing and productivity of those who work in it?

Someone who knows more than most is commercial interior designer Simon Grundy. Pre-Covid he was Workplace Design Consultant for Ward Robinson on the redesign of HMRC’s buildings in Newcastle and Liverpool. And in a stroke of forethought, True Potential turned to Simon in 2020 to redesign their workplace for a post-Covid return to work.

In this video, Simon and Daniel Harrison, CEO from True Potential talk to employment partner and health and wellbeing speaker Jamie Gamble. They share their experiences of how businesses can create a “destination” office environment – a place to attract colleagues back into a shared workplace from their home working environments. During the one hour session, they cover:

  • Office design – impact on wellbeing and productivity
  • The concept of the hybrid office – what should it look like and how it can improve wellbeing
  • Case study
    • How True Potential were able to thrive in lockdown and the lessons learned
    • The big conversation: How we developed a new way of working and thinking around what the office needs to be for TP
    • The implementation story : ready to move in as the lockdown period ended earlier this year.
    • How the space is working for their people now

Watch below