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Video: “Pivoting”, “adapting”, “re-focusing” – a webinar for Charities

This is the first of our regular webinars aimed specifically at charities and sector specific issues.

“Pivoting”, “adapting”, “re-focusing” – the language of the pandemic revolves around change. But that can pose additional difficulties for charities where your obligations towards clients, funders, trustees, staff and volunteers may be even more difficult to flex.

Simon Brown, a partner at MHA Tait Walker, – an North East based, independent accountancy, advisory and Wealth Management firm, talks about “Maintaining good governance in the midst of a pandemic and watching out for potential pressures on the charity’s financial health”. In times of managing increased demands for charitable services, whilst dealing with constrained finances, Simon reviews what good governance looks like and identify potential issues to watch out for.

Hollie Ball, an employment specialist at Ward Hadaway, talks about “Adapting to survive – what flexibility can you expect from your workforce”. The pandemic requires you to adapt to new methods of delivery and new opportunities, but bringing employees along with this change in direction is not always seamless. Hollie considers the flexibility charities have to amend an employee’s duties including what can be changed unilaterally, when agreement is required (including how to engage employees to achieve agreement) and when resistance to change might create a redundancy situation.

We would like at future events to give a platform to a different charity each time to talk about their own experiences. It might be a great strategic success story, a piece of technology which you have implemented with a high impact, or perhaps even a word of warning for others to learn from your experiences. Get in touch with Hollie if you would like to be considered for featuring at a future event.

Watch the video below.