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Video: Living with Covid Q&A

The Government has recently published its plan for living with Covid.

As we see many of the restrictions being removed, employers have been left with a number of queries in terms of what this means for their workforce.

In a short video, Claire Hutchinson and Gillian Chinhengo from our employment team answer the most frequently asked questions. Watch it below.

1.00 – Overview of the changes

2.24 – How long is the guidance going to be in place?

2.50 – If someone tests positive for Covid can they go to work?

4.05 – Are you going to get employees who don’t tell their employer that they are positive?

4.46 – Is the position on sick pay going to change?

6.00 – Will workers only get SSP if they are too ill to work?

7.10 – What should an employer do if someone turns up to work with no symptoms but a positive test result?

9.50 – What about testing? Can I continue to ask my employees to take a daily test before they come to work?

11.15 – What about vulnerable employees?

13.58 – What about those who aren’t vulnerable themselves but may live with someone who is?

15.10 – What top tips would you give to employers in light of the recent changes?

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