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Video: CPD Programme for Charities – Employment Tribunals

A recording of our final session in the CPD Programme for charities which focused on dealing with employment tribunals is now available to watch on this page.

In this video our experts cover:

  • An overview of Tribunals (structure, panel, jurisdictions – types of claims)
  • Responding to a claim/defending proceedings
  • Case management – disclosure and documents
  • Negotiations, ACAS and judicial mediation (including settlement agreements and COT3s)
  • Hearings, judgments, witnesses and evidence
  • Challenging judgments – appeals and reconsideration

Watch the video

This brings us to the end of Ward Hadaway’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) series of six sessions. We welcome any feedback you have on this series of webinars and if you have questions, on any of the topics discussed, please do get in touch.

Look out for further sessions on a range of employment related topics in the coming months.