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Changes to immigration rules

A number of changes to the UK's immigration rules have come into force.

What are the changes?
The changes, which were effective from April 6, apply to those workers classed under tiers 2 (skilled workers) and 5 (temporary workers i.e. creative, sporting, charity and religious migrants etc).

As of 6th April 2014, the period of leave granted to foreign workers coming to the UK under the tier 2 category (including intra-company transfers as well as general applicants) can be extended from the initial period of three years up to five years on payment of a higher fee.

Salary thresholds for skilled workers have also changed.

The minimum salary which an employer must offer on recruitment has increased to be brought in line with the changes in average weekly earnings for resident workers.

The minimum level from 6 April 2014 is £20,500 but depending on the specific role the employer is seeking to fill, can be and usually is, much higher.

Finally, in relation to both tier 2 and tier 5 workers, the definition of “working for the same employer” has been widened to enable migrants under these tiers whose employment transferred under TUPE (or similar protections) to continue working legally.

What does this mean for me?
The changes will affect all employers who wish to employ foreign nationals in the UK.

To find out more or ask any questions regarding any of the changes please do not hesitate to contact the Immigration Team.