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Video: Dealing with tribunal claims in primary care

This video is aimed specifically at Practice Managers and Partners in GP practices and primary care providers, who have responsibility for managing employee relations.

GP practices or primary care providers often do not have a dedicated HR professional function. The responsibility for people issues usually falls on the Practice Manager and/or the Partners who may not have had relevant training.

Dealing with employees and formal processes can often cause stress through the uncertainty and concern that if the matter is not dealt with appropriately, it could lead to a potential liability in the form of an Employment Tribunal claim.

Employment law does not always need to be difficult  Most issues with employees can often be resolved quickly and simply with some basic knowledge, and that is where we come in!

In this video we look at some key issues in dealing with tribunal claims and complaints:

  • What should you do when you first receive a claim?
  • What documents will the tribunal need to see?
  • Who will your witnesses be? And what will they need to do?
  • What happens at the hearing?
  • What do you need to build a successful case?
  • What can you do if you want to challenge a decision?
  • Will you be able to recover any costs from the Claimant?
  • What will happen if you lose?
  • How would you go about settling claims?

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