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Frequently asked questions: HR Protect for Schools

Employment advice retainer package with optional insurance cover

HR Protect for Schools is our fixed price retainer package, designed and tailored to the education sector, which we have been offering our school clients for over a decade.

Our comprehensive employment law package offers a cost effective service, providing clients with exceptional levels of service with no hidden costs, offering real value for money and budget certainty.

It includes an optional insurance cover against the cost of employment tribunal claims, including both the legal costs to defend any claim, but also cover against any compensation payable.

Why should I use Ward Hadaway?

We are the largest employment team in the North and are the only team to be named Employment Law Team of the Year on two separate occasions at the Northern Law Awards. We provide clear, commercial and practical legal solutions when dealing with HR and Employment law issues for schools across the country.

We pride ourselves on transparency and offering real value for money.

What do I get as part of the HR Protect for Schools package?

You get unlimited Employment Law and HR advice from our large team of qualified solicitors, by telephone, email or meetings at our offices, regardless of the number of problems or issues you face, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of legal advice or expensive “hourly rates”.

Our team includes specialist education lawyers who have extensive experience of advising schools and your sector.

If issues are complex and face to face meetings are required, that can be arranged either via Teams or video conference, or at one of our offices.

We also draft letters, guidance, agreements and documents as required, included in the price.

Do I get employment compliance documents?

As part of the package we will also draft your school specific employment contracts, policies and procedures (or review and amend as necessary) – keeping you up to date with legislation changes within your sector.

Will I be speaking to a different person each time I call to take employment advice?

No, you will be provided with a dedicated point of contact who is a solicitor who will get to know your school and be your first port of call – but as part of the service you will be given unlimited access to the largest team of specialist employment solicitors in the North of England.

What do I get with HR Protect for Schools in terms of standard documents?

You will have access to our schools specific online database of toolkits, documents, letters, policies, procedures, advice and guidance – which includes all sorts of contracts, letters and flowcharts.

Notwithstanding this, we are on hand to draft or approve any letters, contracts or policies, to provide you with complete peace of mind.

What else is included in HR Protect for Schools?

You will also be provided with access to regular free seminars, workshops and newsletters – to keep you trained and updated on various legal issues including employment and HR.

If you take out our optional insurance protection against Employment Tribunal claims, then you will also benefit from our free 100% confidential and independent Employee Assistance Helpline – which provides your staff with unlimited access to trained counsellors who can support them with any personal issues or concerns they may have at work.

What are the advantages of using solicitors for employment/HR advice rather than HR consultants?

As the advice is given by qualified lawyers, not only is the advice of a consistently high quality, it is also protected by legal professional privilege and does not need to be disclosed under a subject access request, which is something which HR consultants or non-lawyers cannot provide.

Does the employment retainer tie me in for a long period of time?

No, unlike many other providers you only sign up for 12 months at a time, with the option to renew at the end of that period.

What is the benefit of fixing my spend?

For the duration of your retainer with us you have the certainty of no hidden costs. You can budget your spend on HR and Employment law support for the year which provides you with budget certainty.

Is anything excluded from the HR Protect employment retainer package?

The package is designed to cover day to day employment law and HR advice and therefore there a couple of small exclusions. The package does not include detailed advice on TUPE transfers, academy conversions or re-brokerages or collective consultation exercises where you plan 20 or more dismissals within a 90 day window. Should you require advice on any of these matters we will provide you with a quote based on a discounted rate for HR Protect clients.

Do you offer insurance against claims as part of the employment retainer package?

Yes, we offer optional insurance to cover any Employment Tribunal claims.  This pays for us to handle any Employment Tribunal claims and provide solicitor representation at Employment Tribunal hearings, within the fixed monthly cost.  Our success rate is over 90% in the Employment Tribunal. Should you lose, or if we need to settle, then the insurer will also pay any compensation or any settlement payment due.  The insurer picks up the cost and fees for any claim – the only proviso to them picking up those costs and fees is that you must have taken our advice on any matter that leads to an employment tribunal claim.

What is different about the insurance cover you offer?

Most insurance policies contain a reasonable prospects clause, meaning that the insurer will only cover a claim where you have a better than 50% chance of being successful in an Employment Tribunal claim. Our insurance is not the same. So long as you take legal advice, and follow that advice, then the cost of any claim that subsequently arises will be covered.

What are the options for level of insurance cover under the retainer package?

We offer cover of up to £50k, £100k or £250k, with a range of different excess options depending on budget and levels of risk.

How much will the employment law retainer package cost?

For a quote for our HR Protect retainer package, with or without insurance, please get in touch.