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What should be included in a recruitment job description?

What should be included in a recruitment job description?

Before advertising a vacancy, a written job description for the role should be compiled. The job description should cover:

  • the main purpose and objectives of the job;
  • the place of the job holder in the organisational structure;
  • the main tasks and responsibilities of the job holder; and
  • any associated tasks.

When compiling a job description, ensure that an appropriate job title is used that does not show any premeditated bias (e.g. “paper boy” or “waitress”) and that the job is accurately described.

You may also wish to prepare a person specification detailing the experience, know-how and qualifications, skills, abilities and behavioural attributes necessary to perform the duties in the job description. Criteria in the job description or specification must not be discriminatory and employers should be able to justify any necessary or desirable criteria against the job in question.