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What should an employer consider when selecting and interviewing job candidates?

What should an employer consider when selecting and interviewing job candidates?

There are a number of processes available to you when assessing and selecting the ideal candidate for the job advertised for example, shortlisting, selection tests, assessment centres and interviews. All selection processes undertaken must be fair, consistent and result in the appointment of the best person for the job.

You should ensure that, as far as possible, arrangements for holding tests or interviews, or using assessment centres, do not put any candidates at a disadvantage in connection with a protected characteristic. For example, where the dates or times coincide with religious festivals.

Employers are not required to make changes to recruitment processes in anticipation of applications from disabled people. However, if an employer knows, or could be reasonably expected to know that a particular disabled person is, or may be, applying for a role and is likely to be substantially disadvantaged by the premises or arrangements, then reasonable adjustments must be made. For example, if an applicant is a wheelchair user you should make sure that the premises where the interview is being held are accessible in order to remove any disadvantage that individual may suffer because of their disability.

Employers should also consider whether any tests could be indirectly discriminatory.

Using a panel of managers to consider applications is usually considered best practice.