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What redundancy process should I follow?

What redundancy process should I follow?

The starting point is to check whether the school has a redundancy policy in place. This may have been agreed in conjunction with the recognised trade unions, and will typically involve a degree of consultation with the relevant trade unions at the outset of the process. If there is a policy in place, the school should follow this or it would likely be considered unfair.

If there is no redundancy policy, the redundancy process which schools should generally follow is:

  • Identify whether a redundancy situation exists (see above).
  • Identify the appropriate selection pool.
  • Inform the Trade Unions at an early stage of your proposals – to ensure you maintain good industrial relations. Provide them with information about the proposals.
  • If required, use a fair and reasonable selection matrix to decide which employees in the selection pool are ‘at risk’ of redundancy.

R13: Example selection matrix

  • Inform those employees that they are at risk of redundancy and invite them to an initial consultation meeting.

R3: At risk letter (no selection)

R4: At risk letter (with selection)

  • Hold as many consultation meetings as are necessary to fairly consider the redundancy proposal and the points raised by the employee during consultation.

R5: Invitation to further consultation meeting(s)

R15: Guidance on conducting first redundancy consultation meeting

R16: Guidance on conducting subsequent redundancy consultation meeting(s)

  • Explore whether there are any potentially suitable alternative vacancies within the organisation which the employee could perform.

R9: Confirmation of alternative employment

  • If you decide to proceed with the redundancy proposal, provide the employee with notice of termination.

R8: Confirmation of redundancy.

  • If the employee appeals against the decision to dismiss them due to redundancy, hold an appeal hearing and provide them with an appeal outcome. This would usually be held by Trustees / Governors.

R6: Invitation to appeal meeting

R9: Appeal outcome letter

R17: Guidance on conducting redundancy appeal meeting

For further guidance on the formal process employers need to follow see:

R2: Flowchart – Redundancy.