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How do I pick which employee is made redundant?

How do I pick which employee is made redundant?

Once you have identified the appropriate selection pool (see above), you need to consider whether selection from within the pool is required. If there is a pool of one or if you are proposing to remove a role entirely you won’t need to do a scoring exercise as all employees in the pool will be made redundant. Employers may also wish to ask whether any employees within the pool wish to volunteer for redundancy, in which case there may not be a need to make compulsory redundancies.

If you do need to carry out a selection exercise to determine which of the employees in the pool are made redundant, you will need to use a form of scoring matrix. A scoring matrix should focus on objective scoring criteria which can be measured against statistics, records and documents.

For an example selection matrix please see: R13: Example selection matrix

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R13 – Example selection matrix