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How can I change an employee’s terms and conditions?

How can I change an employee's terms and conditions?

Once the terms of employment have been agreed they are legally binding and can only be changed in limited circumstances.  Often the easiest way to change an employee’s terms is to get them to agree to the change.  Where the change is beneficial, for example, a pay increase, the employee will be happy to agree to the change.  However, sometimes a School may seek changes that the employee is not happy with.  In those circumstances, the School may be able to rely on the contract if it permits the change or if necessary, or it may have to go through a formal process of consultation, potentially on a collective basis with trade unions, or make a unilateral change. Both of these latter options bring risk and you should speak to your legal advisor in these circumstances.  For further information please see:

C1: How to Guide: Contracts of employment